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Money advice and Universal Credit


How we can help

If you need help or advice with claiming benefits; paying rent; managing debts; budgeting; opening and managing a bank account; or getting affordable credit then you can speak us. We offer free, confidential advice and support which is tailored to your needs. 


Get in touch

There is lots of information in this section which can help you get the most out of your money, or for more information contact us.

You can email us at or call 0800 218 2000.

  • Benefits calculator

    Find out what you’re entitled to

  • Universal credit

    Understand how the system of Universal credit works

  • Budgeting

    Tools and tips to help you make your money go further

  • Bank accounts and credit unions

    Understand the types of accounts available, the benefits and how to save with credit unions

  • Debt test

    Learn how to get your debts under control

  • Insurance

    Different types of policy, the benefits and the Salix insurance scheme

  • Saving and borrowing

    How and why you should start to save, and tips to borrow money smartly

  • Utility advice

    Make sure you’re not paying more than you should for your utilities

  • Loan sharks

    How to spot, avoid and report a loan shark