Our repair service

If you are a tenant in one of our homes, you can contact us to book repairs for your home.

How to book a repair appointment

The easiest way to book a repair appointment is online. 

Log in to MySalix to book a convenient date and time.

Your Repairs Handbook has a handy list of common problems. It may help you describe your repair needs more accurately.

Need to register?

You can register for MySalix online. You'll need your rent account reference number to hand.

How long will it take to get my repair done?

Most repair appointments happen within a couple of weeks. You’ll be able to choose a date and time when you book your repair. We’ll be able to give you an idea of how long you’ll need to wait once we know what the repair involves.

What if my repair is an emergency?

If your repair is an emergency, please contact us on 0800 218 2000. Emergency repairs are those repairs:

  • that pose a danger to you
  • that pose a danger to others
  • where your home may get damaged if action is not taken straight away

For example:

  • blocked or fractured drains
  • gas escapes
  • electrical faults
  • major leaks or bursts
  • broken windows and other glass 
  • total loss of electrical power
  • total loss of water supply
  • insecure window or door locks

We’ll visit you within 2 hours of reporting the problem to assess the situation. We may need to visit again to make the repair, but if we can fix it there and then, we will.

Some repairs are your responsibility

Whilst we are responsible for most repairs in your home, in your Tenancy Agreement it explains that certain repairs fall under your responsibility. These might be repairs to things that belong to you, or items such as:

  • toilet seats
  • bath and sink plugs and chains
  • electrical plugs and fuses
  • replacing keys
  • replacing light bulbs
  • carpets and laminate flooring
  • damage caused by someone who lives in your home, or a visitor
  • driveways
  • fencing and gates
  • garden maintenance

Where we carry out a repair on an item that is your responsibility or as a result of neglect, misuse or accidental or deliberate damage, we may ask you to pay for that repair. These are known as rechargeable repairs. You can see a full list of repairs in the Report a repair guide below.

If in doubt, we’ll be able to let you know who needs to do what when you book a repair.

Our Rechargeable Repairs Policy makes it clear which repairs we are responsible for as your landlord, and those which our residents will be expected to pay for.

For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions which should answer most questions you may have. You can also refer to our price guide for some of the more common rechargeable repairs. 


  • Download

    Your Repairs Handbook

    PDF document, 2MB

  • Download

    Rechargeable Repairs - Frequently Asked Questions

    PDF document, 140KB

  • Download

    Rechargeable Repairs - Price Guide

    PDF document, 69KB