Safety in your home

The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees and contractors is extremely important to us.

We work hard to make sure that the homes we provide are safe and great places to live.

Fire safety

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility.

Our responsibility

As your landlord, we have a responsibility to ensure that the communal areas are kept safe.

Your responsibility

Keep yourself safe and not do anything which could put yourself or other people at risk of fire.


It’s important to remember to tell us if you accidentally damage walls, ceilings or floors or if you find damage.

You must also always contact us first if you’re planning home improvements. We can check our records and see if your home is likely to contain asbestos and where it is.

We've put together a guide to asbestos. It outlines:

  • what asbestos is

  • where you might find asbestos

  • hope asbestos affects health

  • how asbestos can be made safe

Download our asbestos factsheet.

Important to know

You may have to pay to get the asbestos cleaned up and made safe if;

  • you disturb asbestos while doing DIY

  • someone else works on your home without our permission

This is an important part of your tenancy agreement. If you do not let us know about your DIY plans you will breach the terms of your tenancy agreement.


  • Download

    Asbestos factsheet

    PDF document, 278KB