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Here’s answers to the repairs-related questions our customers ask us most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We operate a Rechargeable Repairs policy meaning if you would like us to undertake a repair in the situations below, we will provide you with a price for completing the repair and ask for a deposit as a minimum.

Rechargeable Repairs include (but are not limited to):

  • Changing your locks to provide you with replacement keys including when lost or stolen
  • Repairs that are needed due to damage caused by you, a household member or a visitor to your home or where forced
  • entry is required by emergency services
  • Repairs due to alterations made by you with or without our permission
  • Where we have to clear your home after you leave as you have not removed possessions or have left behind rubbish or other items.

More information on rechargeable repairs.

As well as Rechargeable Repairs, some repairs are also your responsibility to repair and maintain as per your tenancy agreement.

Below is a list of repairs and items in your home that you are responsible for maintaining:

  • Electrical appliances, cookers and heaters – unless provided by Salix Homes (not including our Recycling Scheme)
  • Fencing and gates
  • Gas fires – unless provided by Salix Homes
  • Small cracks in plaster (which can be resolved with filler)
  • Floor finishing (carpets, laminates etc)
  • Maintaining and clearing your gardens
  • Landscaping work to your garden including minor repairs to your driveway or path
  • Providing replacement keys including window keys
  • Maintaining or providing replacement light bulbs, plugs or fuses
  • Maintaining, installing and replacing appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers etc
  • Repairing any damage caused by you, someone who lives with you or a visitor
  • Sheds
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes
  • Repairing or maintaining any improvements done by you
  • Plugs and chains to baths and sinks
  • Replacing broken toilet seats

There are a few things you can do to help us make the repair go as smoothly as possible such as:

  • Clearing the area being fixed by removing items from kitchen cabinets or cupboards and moving furniture
  • Clean the area prior to the operative arriving to ensure it is hygienic
  • Remove any floor coverings including laminate for repairs to floorboards or
    hidden pipes.

If the above guidance is not followed our operatives reserve the right to leave and re-arrange a new appointment date. If you require support or assistance for moving items please state this when requesting your repair. If we are able to help, you will need to sign a disclaimer before any work starts and items are moved.

Some repairs require specialist technology or engineers meaning we sometimes have to work with contractors to ensure the repair is completed correctly. We work with a number of specially selected contractors for items such as glass replacement, drain blockages and structural repairs.

If you have a repair which has been passed to a contractor they will contact you directly within 48 hours to arrange an appointment with you. You should also be able to find details of the subcontractor allocated within your text and email confirmation.

If you wish to re-arrange an appointment with a subcontractor you will need to let them know directly. If you fail to do so and a failed appointment occurs, you may be charged for this in line with our Rechargeable Repairs policy.

New Build Homes

You may live in one of our newly built homes – these homes are under a warranty for at least 12 months after they are built. If you report a repair during this time we are obliged to report the problem to the builder so they have an opportunity to repair this for you.

In these circumstances the home builder will attend themselves or arrange one of their own contractors to do the repair.

Please refer to your leaseholder handbook for more information on the services available to you.

As a general rule we do not maintain your home but are responsible for certain elements such as communal spaces and balconies.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to damp and mould and are committed to resolving any issues of this nature as quickly as possible. Please report to us any signs of damp and mould as soon as you spot them.

Once we receive the report our dedicated team will be in touch as quickly as possible on the next working day and no later than two working days to arrange mould treatment or an in person inspection. We will also check with you if you have any signs of damp and mould when visiting you at your home or when speaking to our customer service centre.

Find out more about damp, mould and condensation.

If your decoration is damaged following a repair, we will make good the existing decoration to the best of our ability using white or magnolia paint.

Alternatively, you may be offered decoration vouchers to contribute towards the costs in carrying out any subsequent redecoration following the repair. The amount will be calculated based upon an allowance of £25 per wall or ceiling affected, and is capped at a maximum amount of £300.

We will repair the structure of your property following a leak unless this was caused deliberately, where recharges may apply. However, we are not responsible for any damage caused to your personal items.

You are responsible for ensuring you have adequate insurance cover in place to protect your belongings, this includes any damage caused as a result of leaks from within your home, your roof or other properties. We do not provide any cover or have any liability for providing replacement items or compensation for damaged items including flooring, furniture and clothing.

You can protect yourself by purchasing contents insurance, it means your personal belongings are insured against events including fire, theft and water damage. You can purchase insurance online via most insurance comparison websites.

Alternatively Salix Homes has its own scheme just for customers which can be paid via instalments – find out more about home contents insurance.

Salix Homes will only repair and maintain your property to a domestic living standard. If you are running a business from home you will need permission from Salix Homes in order to do so.

You will be required to provide relevant insurance documentation. If your business requires changes to the property which are outside of our domestic specification such as additional locks or fire doors, this will be at your own cost, Salix Homes will not provide these items, install them or repair such items.

Whilst we strive to ensure every repair goes smoothly, we understand that sometimes things do not go as planned. If you are unhappy with the service provided, please contact us to discuss your concerns and we will make every effort to make things right for you.

Provided you are still dissatisfied after allowing us to try and resolve the problem, you have the option to raise a formal complaint which can be done via your MySalix account or by contacting our customer service centre.

Please be aware formal complaints may take up to 10 working days to investigate and respond and will not change your appointment date unless the wrong priority has been assigned.

The Housing Ombudsman Service can assist customers throughout the complaint process. For more information, please visit the Housing Ombudsman Service website.

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