Reporting and booking a repair

You can order a repair in a number of ways.

Via your MySalix account

Log on to your MySalix account to:

  • Book appointments for basic repairs such as simple joinery, plumbing and electric repairs
  • Access your upcoming and previous appointments
  • Amend and cancel your existing appointments
  • Book AM, PM or anytime appointments, view the next availability and choose a convenient date


Emergency repairs

Call us on 0800 218 2000 to report emergency repairs.

We do not offer appointments for emergency repairs, instead, we aim to attend within eight hours and will do so as soon as we can.


Report a repair and book an appointment through your MySalix account.

Log on or register for MySalix

How long will my repair take to fix?

When your repair is reported it will be identified as one of the three categories below:

Priority Response time Description
Emergency Up to eight hours Emergency repairs are those that pose an immediate danger to you or others, or where your home or another home may be significantly damaged if action is not taken straightaway.
Urgent Up to five working days Urgent repairs are those that are not emergencies, but require attention more quickly to minimise inconvenience to customers.
Appointed Up to 60 working days Repairs that are not emergency or deemed urgent are appointed repairs. These are repairs that do not impact on the day to day function of a home.


Tracking your repair

Once we have booked your repair we will send you a text and email confirmation. It is therefore important that contact information on our systems is up to date – you can check this on your MySalix account.

Each message will provide you with a link that will allow you to track your repair. You can also view the repair on your MySalix account.

You should receive a calling card or text message to advise you of this. You will need to re-book a further appointment via your MySalix account or by calling us. If we do not hear from you we may re-book your appointment automatically up to a maximum of three attempts. As per our Rechargeable Repairs policy we may also charge you for the failed visit.

If you reported an emergency, and were not home when we attended, you will be charged for the failed appointment as well as a call out charge.

Where we have attended for an emergency or another urgent matter, such as a leak affecting neighbours, and you were not home we may have had to force entry in order to keep everyone safe. We normally give 24 hours notice unless there is a serious problem such as a burst pipe.

Please make sure that you or someone over the age of 16 is at home for your appointment.

Our operatives will not enter your home if a child is home alone and this will count as a failed appointment.

Please help us by letting us know if you are not going to be available in advance. You can cancel and change your repair date using your MySalix account 24/7. On some occasions an alternative appointment date may not be available instantly, and we will book this on your behalf and inform you via text or email.

Failed appointments not only mean a delay in your repair being completed, but also impacts on the waiting times for all customers. It also costs us money which could be better spent on improving services for all our customers.

Rechargeable repairs

Salix Homes can carry out certain repairs, but you will have to cover the cost. We will provide you with a price for completing these repairs and ask for a deposit. Rechargeable repairs include:

  • Changing your locks to provide you with replacement keys, including when lost or stolen
  • Repairs needed due to damage caused by you, a household member or a visitor to your home, or where forced entry is required by emergency services
  • Repairs due to alterations made by you, with or without our permission
  • Where we have to clear your home after you leave as you have not removed possessions or have left behind rubbish or other items

Find out more about our and your responsibilities, and rechargeable repairs.

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